All Time Favorite Filipino Food

I have here my all time favorite filipino recipe :

Pork Recipe:

  • Lechon Baboy : It is a whole roasted pig stick on bamboo pole, usually eaten with a liver lechon sauce
  • Lechon kawali or Crispy : Boiled and deep fry liempo or Pata
  • Sinigang na Baboy : A popular Filipino recipe with sour broth
  • Estofado : It is a popular Filipino Pork stew recipe that usually prepare during special occasion
  • Pork Adobo : Every Filipino loves adobo, it can be cook using fish, chicken, or even vegetable
  • Inihaw na Baboy : It is usually prepare during excursion abd of course for day to day meal
  • Paksiw na Pata : It is another Filipino stew recipe, I usually add a little sugar to make sauce a liite sweet
  • Sweet and Sour Pork : Chinese recipe that love by every Filipino
  • Paksiw na Lechon : Method of recyling lechon baboy by stewing from water, soysauce, lechon sauce, groundpeppercorn
  • Nilagang Baboy: It has a big similarity with pork sinigang
  • Pork Asado: Another chinese pork stew recipe that embrace by Filipino
  • Sizzling Sisig : A well known kapampangan appetizer
  • Bicol Express: A favorite spicy pork recipe with coconut milk
  • Bopis: Anoter stew recipe from pig innards
  • Chicharon Bulaklak : Favorite Filipino Drinking Appetizer
  • Pork Lengua Estofado: An estofado recipe using pork tounge
  • Crispy Ulo: Same with crispy pata but cook from pork head
  • Menudo : A well known pork stew recipe with potato, tomato sauce or coconut milk
  • Kaldereta : Pork can be also cook for Kaldereta but much better if cook from goat meat, duck, or evev beef
Beef Recipe

  • Beef caldereta: A populatr beef stew and best for pulutan
  • Bulalo : One of the best filipino soup recipe
  • Tapa : comparable with beef jerky
  • Kare Kare: An original filipino recipe, all time favorite for super special occasion. My personal favorite
  • Sinigang na Baka: Another variation of sinigang ecipe, much flavourful compare to sinigang na baboy
  • Morcon : A favorite recipe during christmas, it is also call lutong pasko. Morcon is a beef roll recipe filled with a lots of flavorful ingredient then stew.
  • Mechado : It is a Beef recipe with a little pork fat to produce a little oil, It is stew then sauted from tomato sauce and flavor by liver spread to thickened sauce.
  • Lechon Baka : Same as lechon baboy, there is only little changes on method of cooking. In lechon baka the cook part is being sliced and served while the remaining was continously roasting
  • Papaitan Recipe: Beef or Goat innards cook with bile juice
Filipino Vegetable Recipe:

  • Diningding : A popular ilocano recipe, it is a mixed vegetable flavor by bagoong isda and bagnet
  • Pakbet: A tagalog version for dinigding, instead of bagoong isda we use bagoong alamang and shrimp paste
  • Chopsuey : A popular chinese recipe in the Philippines
  • Guisadong Gulay: Any kind of Filipino vegetable that can be sauted
  • Ampalaya con carne: A sauteed ampalaya along with a beef
  • Beef Broccoli: Same with ampalaya with carne but cook with oyster sauce
Fish Recipe :

  • Inihaw na Isda: Grilled fish
  • Paksiw na Isda : Fish stew with vinegar
  • Fried Fish: No explanation needed
  • Sinigang na Isda best with big fish head : Same with other sinigang recipe
  • Pangat na Isda : Stew frow tomato and onion
  • Steam Fresh Lapu lapu or other Big Fish : Dressed with mayonnaise with grated cheese and fried garlic
  • Totso : Fried bangus withblack beans sauce
  • Pesang Isda : Filipino Fish Stew ith potato and chinese cabbage, best cook with big lapu lapu
  • Sweet and Sour Fish: Popular chinese recipe in the Philippines
  • Escabeche : Has a big similarity with sweet and sour
It is some of Filipino recipe that I personally prepare for day to day dishes or for special occasion.