Exotic and Unusual Food in The Philippines

If you are looking for some original Filipino exotic food, Here is my list of Filipino unusual recipe:

  • Balot : Balot is fertilized hard boiled duck egg, balot is well known for its high in protein content and it is believe that it offers a aphrodisiac effect when consume, balot is being incubate for 17 days that makes the embryo almost complete, it is eaten with a pinch of salt or eaten with spicy vinegar as a sauce. While Balot is produced anywhere in the country, Balot egg from Pateros is well known for their careful selection and incubation of egg, Balot is also prepared in other country such as Cambodia, China, and Vietnam.
  • Frog : For some people frog might be an unusual and exotic food to consume, but in Pampanga and Bulacan frog is a special food ingredient, the taste is comparable with chicken and it usually cook as adobo style and sinampalukan.
  • Fruit Bat : I have seen once in a television program that there are some ares in Philippine that consume fruit bat as a delicacy, eating bat is a health hazard as some of bat might be carrier of fatal virus known as rabies, some of the species is also considered endandered and it has a big role with natures ecological balance.
  • Python (Sawa) : There are some restaurant and bar that offer sawa as their especialized pulutan or appetizer, it is advisable to avoid those kind of food as some of the species is on extinction.
  • Dagang Bukid :  I remember that I join once a friend to catch rice field rodent (Dagang bukid) for our pulutan, adobong tuyo at masarap. Anyway malinis naman siguro because the rat consumes rice for their foodd.
  • Bayawak (Monitor Lizard): It is also offered on some especialized restobar in Metro Manila, i think killing bayawak as a food staple is prohibited by law, some say that it is chicken like taste.
The list above is just a partial list of Filipino unusual and exotic food. Some of the food is unpopular for the majority of Filipino but there still a handful of our countrymen that opted to consumes. The list of unusual food is usually prepare as a pulutan or appetizer during drinking session.