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Original Filipino recipe blog is all about popular pinoy recipe. It is created to provide different Filipino food that we pinoys love through the time. It is your online source of traditional Filipino food for your day to day recipe. The food recipe provided here is just a typical menu for us Filipino unlike with some cooking procedure that been shown in Philippine television show that seems complicated for average Filipino just like us. You could find here some Filipino regional menu that has become acceptable for pinoy in different part of the country. I will try to update this blog with the best  of my effort. I also want to apologize if you find some grammatically error on my post. I am just an average Filipino, born and raised in the Philippines and please do understand my limitation.

Insight on Food Industry in the Philippines

Filipinos are known for their fondness with different kinds of food, it is very obvious that food industry has become a major industry. A best example of booming food industry in the Philippines is when Jollibee corporation become one of top 10 corporation  in the Philippines. Aside from Jollibee, San Miguel Corporation and other respected corporation in the Philippines venture into food supply business which prove how big the industry was. Just think of 100 million Philippine population and we could always imagine how big market was. Aside from those big food business, we could also noticed some small carinderia or even a food cart that offers street food to cater craving for food fo average Filipino.

Philippine Food Supply:

Philippines is an archipelago country, compose of 7,107 island sorrounded by seas and vast ocean that makes seafoods as one ot the most popular food for every Filipino. Seafoods such as grouper, pampano, mackerel, shellfish , etc...could be either be caught on seas but some some could be culture in Fish cages such as in Dagupan, Taal lake, Bulacan, Laguna de Bay. Bangus, Tilapia, Hito or African catfish, tiger prawn are just some of the seafoods that can be cultured and some of those seafoods product are exported outside the country. Aside from seafoods, beef, pork, poultry meat has become a part for day to day meal for every Filipino, Philippine meat requirement are either be locally produce or imported because of globalization. Phillipines is also blessed to be a tropical country that makes as self sufficient with regards to vegetable. Benguet province is known as the salad capital of the Philippines for producing vegetable such as carrots, cabbage, peas, chayote, lettuce and a lots more. Low lands provinces produces, vegetable such as eggplant, ocra, string bean, ampalaya and a lots more.

Foreign Influences on Filipino Recipe

Philippine cuisines is a mixture of different cooking style and recipes from other country. Major influences are from Spanish , Chinese and American . Spain which is our mother country as they are the one that discover our country, their major influences includes introducing Christianity and of course some of their recipe such as mechado, morcon, arroz ala cubana and a lots. Chinese has also share their some of their food recipe and among them are chopsuey, vegetable roll, lumpiang shanghai, sweet and sour (fish or pork) mami at siopao and a lots more and by the American by introducing hamburger and barbeque to Filipino people.

Thank you very much for visiting this blog and feel free to visit different authentic Filipino recipe on pages. Please be reminded also that there are some recipe (kinilaw or other food recipe) here that might not be suit for any body, my blog is just for imformative purposes for different Filipino recipe that i pesonally cook and eat and people are not obliged to do the same.