List of Chinese Recipe That Become so Popular for Filipino

Historically, Filipino people befriend people from neighboring. Even before Ferdinand Magellan discover Philippines people from Malaysia, Indonesia and even China frequently visit Philippines to exchange trades with early Filipino. One of the main product that Chinese traders trades with early Filipino is their spices that become so popular during that time.

Now a days, Chinese culture is very evident and become a part of Filipino society,  you could always find Chinese temple and some are become famous tourist spot in the Philippines, there is even a place in downtown Manila known as China town and you could find there anything  in regards with Chinese products or about their culture. You could find in China town some authentic  Chinese restaurant that offers original Chinese recipe. Chinese food is so popular among us and their recipe become a part of day to day Filipino recipe. Here is my list of all time Filipino favorite Chinese food.

Chopsuey : Chopsuey  is a mix vegetable recipe, it could be stir fry or sautéed and cook along with meat recipe. When I was still in Canada I am surprised that Chopsuey is offered in one of restaurant there but one thing is more surprising is when I found out that the main vegetable use is mongo sprout.
Sweet and Sour Fish or Pork : Neither fish or pork can be cook for sweet and sour as  there is a lot of t variation for cooking  sweet and sour recipe. Filipinos usually prepare fish (Grouper) sweet and during special occasion especially during wedding ceremony not only for the flavor it offer but for also for table presentation.

Siopao and Mami : For merienda, in my opinion nothing can topple mami and siopao in terms of popularity. It is my personal favorite and I prefer beef wanton noodles and Siopao bola bola. Mamon luk is a popular Chinese mami and siopao house in Metro Manila. Another popular restaurant that offer delicious  mami and siopao is Pintsik (short for pinoy(Filipino) and intsik (Chinese) ) along Recto avenue at Manila.

Tofo or Tokwa (Bean curd): It is a popular Filipino food ingredient that is Chinese in origin, we usually use tofu for Totso recipe (another Chinese fish recipe), as a viand for lugaw (Filipino style congee). It is so popular that tofu has become a day to day ingredient in Filipino Recipe.

Kikiam :  Before Chinese kikkiam is just being offered in popular Chinese restaurant but now a days it is usually offer in every corner in Metro Manila as a street food.

Pancit Bihon (Chow mein) : Even though pansit is truly a original Chinese food it becomes an all time favorite for every Filipino. It is usually prepare for mid day snacks, birthday or any special gathering for Filipino family.

It is just a partial of a long list of Chinese recipe that become a part of daily Filipino food.