Nilagang Baka Soup (beef stew)

Nilagang Baka (Filipino beef stew) is one of the most popular and common beef soup in the Philippines, it is one of the favorite filipino soup recipe along with bulalo and sinigang especially during rainy season. From the name of recipe itself nilaga means continous boiling of pork or beef continously to gather flavor from meat ingredient. I usually add buto buto (spare ribs to add flavor).

Ingredient for Nilagang Baka

1 kg beef, cut into cube
1/2 kg beef (buto buto)
1 onion
1/4 tsp peppecorn
25 gram ginger
1 cube beef bouilon
2 bundle petchay
1/2 cabbage (medium)
3-4 potato, peeled and quartered
Rock salt
Vetsin (optional)

How to Cook Nilagang Baka

In a large casserole, bring to boil beef cube, buto buto and ginger from 1 1/2 liter of water for an hour or until beef tenderized, add water if needed, salt to taste, add potato, bouillon, vetsin, peppercorn and onion,  boil for 10 minute to cook. In separate bowl blanch petchay, cabbage for 10 seconds then dip in cold water to avoid over cooking. In a serving bowl, add blanch petchay ,cabbage  pour broth and slice of beef. Served nilagang baka soup while it is hot.

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