Sinigang na Baka Recipe

Sinigang na baka recipe is another variation of popular filipino recipes soup,sinigang . To make the broth of beef sinigang flavorful it is adviceable to add beef spare ribs aside from beef meat (laman). What i always do is to simmer the spare ribs and meat for a long period of time to extact the flavour from the bone which makes the soup more tasty. If you want to cook a delicious sinigang na baka recipe just follow my procedure step by step.

Ingredient :

  • 1 kg beef meat with fat, cubes
  • 1/2 kg spare ribs, cut into serving pcs
  • 2 pcs tomato, washed
  • 1 pc onion
  • 100 gram taro fruit (gabi), skinned and wash
  • 100 gram raddish (labanos),skinned and cut slanted
  • 50 gram swamp spinach (kangkong), cut
  • 50 gram string beans (sitao), cut 2 inches
  • 50 gram lady's finger (okra), cut into  halves
  • 50 gram winged seguidillas beans (sigarillas), cut into halves
  • Beef cubes
  • Vetsin, salt to taste
  • Wash all of the vegetable
Direction for Cooking Sinigang na Baka Recipe.

In a pressure cooker, boil or tenderize beef meat cubes with spare ribs, taro,tomato,onion and salt. When the meat is tender add raddish, sigarilyas, string bean,lady's finger bring to boil and after 5 minute add kangkong and beef cubes to boil and finally add vestin and salt to taste. Serve sinigang na baka recipe while still hot with patis, calamansi and sili as a sawsawan along with newly cooked white rice.
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