Salabat Ginger Tea

ginger or luya is a popular food ingredient in Philippines, it is usually prepare as a ginger tea  or locally known as salabat, the tea is known for its nutritional value and it is also believed that the drink has some therapeutic effect for some illness.
Have yourself for a cup of healthy and nutritious beverages popularly known in Philippines as salabat or Ginger tea. Why go out to buy synthetic or unnatural drink if you could always prepare a refreshing salabat drink, Ginger tea is a popular refreshing drink during winter especially during christmas season as it always served with kutchinta, If you want to prepare for your own, heres' how to make a tastiest and nutritious instant tea that you could have.

Ingredient :

1 kilo of Ginger, peeled and grated
Brown sugar

How to Make Own Ginger Tea (Salabat) :

Using flour cloth (Katsa) , squeeze grated ginger to acquire juice. For every cup ginger juice add 2 cups of brown sugar, cooked on low fire while continously stirring until it thickens until it drys and caramelized. Use pound and pestle to pulverized, keep the powderized tea ginger using a clean bottle.

How to Prepare Instant Tea:

Dissolve 1-2 tbsp of Salabat powder on a glass of hot water, served while tea is still hot.

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