Polvoron is popular filipino delicacy, the recipe for polvoron is powdered milk, flour, sugar and butter and it was popularized by a well known fast food chain (Goldilocks) in Philippines. It is favorite present for kids and usually offered in different supermarket and food stalls as it become a popular product for home based entrepreneur.

filipino food delicacy polvoron

Ingredient :
5 cups of all purpose flour                          
2 1/2 cup of powder milk
1 1/2 cup of butter
2 cups of sugar


 Polvoron moulder

How to Cook Polvoron Recipe:

In a pan, toast flour on moderate heat, continously stirring to avoid burning. Transfer flour to mixing bowl to cool, add powder milk and stir using a whisk, add granulated sugar and stir gain for 2-3 minute. lastly add butter and mix thoroughly. Scoop a mixture and form polvoron using a molder, put it on the top of cellophane then wrap.

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