Filipino Soup Recipe

Pesang isda na lapu lapu could be one of the most easiest and well known Filipino soup. The recipe is a well known tagalog recipe that are comparable with Visayan fish soup known as Tinolang isda, the process is almost same with just a little changes because for tinolang isda we usually use malungay leaves or dahon ng ampalaya as vegetable ingredient, best fish for pesa soup is lapu lapu or red snapper, the cooking process is so simple that the menu could be prepare between 15-20 minute. here how I cook this simple filipino soup recipe.


1 kg lapu lapu or red snapper (remove gills, gut and scale) washed
1 onion
1/2 tbp ground peppercorn
1 bundle chinese cabbage
1/2 kg cabbage
2-3 pcs potato, peeled and quartered
salt to taste
25 gram ginger

How to Cook Pesang lapu lapu
  • Washed fish and vegetable, set aside
  • In a casserole, bring to boil 1 liter of water with ground peppercorn, ginger,salt, onion and potato
  • Upon boiling add fish and cook for 8-10 minute
  • Add chinese cabbage and cabbage
  • Simmer for few minute or until vegetable is done
Served newly cook this awesome filipino soup recipe ( Pesang Lapu lapu) with patis and calamansi along with hot steamy rice, Enjoy.

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