Pancit Luglug

Another variation of popular pansit  that become a day to day filipino recipe. Pancit luglog is comparable with palabok and i am sure that a lots of people will like this food and will give it a try.

1/4 cup minced garlic, fried until brown (set aside)
150 gram fresh squid (clean thoroughly and remove ink)
150 grams shrimp
150 grams oyster (Optional)
200 grams ground pork
2 tokwa cake, slice and fried
3 hard boiled eggs, slice
4-5 pcs tinapa, fried and flaked
Kintsay as a garnishing
Pancit palabok  noodle 1 kg
2 cups of water
Pork seasoning
1-2 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 onion, slice
annato oil
Cornstarch dissole in water
chop spring onion
chicharon baboy, crushed
Vetsin (optional)

How to Prepare Pancit Luglug

In a small and clean basin, soak palabok noodle to soften them dip in boiling water using a strainer to achieve desire consistency, set aside. To cook sauce, saute garlic, onion then add 2-3 cups of water, annato oil,pork cubes, add cornstarch to thickened sauce. To prepare toppings, saute garlic, onion, ground pork. Add a tbsp of patis and simmer for 5-10 minute until pork is brown, add squid, shrimp, and tofu. add 1/2 cup of water and wait to dry, make sure that seafoods is properly cooked, add vetsin, salt to taste. To prepare, place some boiled noodle in a platter then add sauce and a scoop of garnisher, add a tsp of fried garlic, chicharon baboy, flaked tinapa and sprinkle with springonion, served pancit luglug with calamansi, enjoy..

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