Halo Halo Recipe

Halo Halo ( literally Mix-Mix in English) is a popular Filipino dessert recipe especially during  summer season, it is a mixture of shaved ice with different sweetened preserved  fruit recipe. The popularity of halo halo can be comparable with ice cream, it is Filipino dessert to quench extreme heat during summer season. Compare with Ice cream, Halo halo is quite affordable and usually prepared at home.

Ingredient For Halo Halo

Crushed Ice
Sweetened Preserve langka
Bottled ready to eat Nata de Coco
Cook Sweetened sweet potato
Cook sweetened saging na saba
Sweetened kidney beans
Evaporated milk
Ube jam
Leche plan
Cook sweetened Red mongo
Macapuno (shredded coconut)

How to Prepare Halo Halo Recipe

In a big glass, combine 1 heaping tbsp of each ingredient (langka,kaong, nata de coco, sweet potato, saging na saba, kidney beans, ube jam, red mongo, macapuno, 1 tsp of sugar. Top with shaved ice at the top, add evaporated milk and a scoop of ice cream or leche plan at the top. Mix carefully the mixture of halo halo with  ice without spilling over the ice and ice cream at the glass, Enjoy.