Dinakdakan Recipe

Here is another Favorite Filipino appetizer known as dinakdakan, dinakdakan is a well known Ilocano recipe and its popularity has reach not only the localities of Ilocano region but also on Metro Manila and nearby province aswell. Filipinos' are known for being socialable and some has a habit for drinking  alcoholic beverages especially during Saturday nights (sabado nights), Dinakdakan is a popular drinking appetizer during those occasion because of its affordability , simplicity, and availability of ingredient on local market.

Ingredient For Dinakdakan:

Combination of :
Pork tounge
2-3 pcs Onion, minced
Calamansi juice 4-5 tbsp
Vinegar (if calamansi juice is not enough)
Salt to taste
Siling labuyo, cut thinly
Pigs brain, wrap using plastic

Dinakdakan Procedure for Cooking:

Bring to boil pig ears, snout, tonge, pig brain covered with plastic for 20-25 minute or until it tenderized. Grill boiled meat and liver except for the brain, Upon grilling, slice meat thinly and add calamansi juice,vinegar,  minced onion, salt to taste, siling labuyo and steamed pigs brain. Smash pig's brain using a laddle and mix thoroughly. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and best served with ice cold beer or other alcoholic beverages. enjoy and drink moderately..