Adobong Tuyo

Adobong tuyo, it is another variation of Famous filipino recipe adobo, it is so deliciously especially if cooked with a lots of garlic. A lots of people find this so yummy especially when cooked with pork  liempo. The process for adobong tuyo is to stew liempo pork with soysauce and vinegar. Heres how I cook this awesome Filipino food.

Adobong Tuyo Ingredient:

1 kg of pork liempo, cut into square
5 tbsp of minced garlic
1 cup of soysauce
1/2 cup of vinegar
1 /2 cup of water
2-3 pcs bayleaf
2-3 tbsp ground peppercorn

Procedure For Cooking Adobo na Tuyo

Wash pork with water, drain and marinate with soysauce, vinegar, garlic, and ground peppercorn for 1 hour. Add water and bayleaf,  bring to boil to simmer until fat start to render its own oil, fry using its own oil or add cooking oil if needed. Add vetsin and salt to taste. Adobong tuyo is best served with fried rice.

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