Lumpia na Isda - Fish Roll Recipe

Lumpia is a well known recipe in the Philippines, while originally lumpia is a Chinese food, Filipinos love it so much as it become a day to day diet for Filipino. Lumpia are usually cook with pork, vegetable, or even fish. Galungong (Mackerel) is one of my favorite fish ingredient for lumpia, it doesn't have a lots of fish bone, always available and it is unexpensive too. Here's how I cook this appetizing Filipino recipes- Fish Lumpia.

 Ingredient For Cooking.

1 kg of Galunggong fish (Mackerel)
2-3 pcs of onion,chop finely
1 carrots, chop finely
2 egg, beaten
1 stalk of kintsay
1-2 tbsp flour
1/2 tbsp Ground peppercorn
Lumpia wrapper
Cooking oil

Fish Lumpia Preparation:

Clean galungong and remove innards, steam for 5-10 minute then flaked. Mix with fish the ingredient listed above. Lay lumpia wrapper in a platter and add fish mixture, roll and fold ending to secure fish forming a log. Fry wrapped fish until it turns golden brown and cut into desirable length. Served newly cook lumpia na galunggong with catsup along with hot steamy rice, enjoy...