Chicharon Bulaklak

Chicharon bulaklak is a filipino popular drinking appetizer known as pampabata (it will make us younger) because we might die young from hearth attack  eating too much . Everytime I passby along laloma in Bonifacio I always crave seeing Mang Tomas chicharon display on their stall but i have to control myself because i know that it is too fatty and our family has a history of heart ailment, but to be honest there are times that I can not control myself for avoiding chicharon bulaklak, so here is another popular filipino recipe that will not only increase your appetite but also increase your body fat (I just eat chicharon maybe 3-4 times a year everytime that we slaughter swine for family gathering ).

Chicaharon Bulaklak
1 kg of pork isaw (intestine) with chicharon bulaklak(clean thoroughly)
1 tbsp ground peppercorn
Cooking oil
3 pcs laurel
2-3 tbsp rock salt

Chicharon Bulaklak Recipe Vinegar Dipping

Combine :  3/4 cup vinegar
                 2-3 tsp mined garlic
                 2-3 pcs slice siling labuyo
                 1/4 tsp rock salt

Chicharon Bulaklak Procedure for
In a pot enough to contain pork intestine, add enough water to cover. Include salt, ground peppercorn, bring to boil and simmer for 20-30 minute or until intestine is tender. Using a strainer drain excess water and cut into serving pieces, refrigerate for overnight or hang to airdry. Heat pot and add cooking oil to heat, carefully lay in slice isaw one by one to fry until it become crunchy, place fried isaw in platter with newspaper to absorved too much grease, served crunchy chicharon bulaklak with vinegar dippings along with hard drink.

Optional : You could always used convection oven instead of frying to avoid too much oil.