Traditional Filipino Recipes During Christmas

As the only majority Christian population in the Philippines, Christmas is the most awaited occasion in the Philippines, compare with other nation that they just celebrate christmas during Dec 25. We filipinos celebrate it for 2 weeks (December 16 - January 6) within that time christmas spirit could be felt everywhere. This is the time when family and friends get together, and off course giving regalos to inaanak. I remember when I was still a kid when life is so simple, during that time  my mother always prepare traditional filipino recipes such as suman and homemade hot choco drink. If her budget permits she also prepares morcon, chinese ham, Queso de bola for our noche buena. With my blog that just started lasy 2 weeks ago, I will post here not only our traditional filipino christmas recipes but also some simple recipes too. I hope that you can find whatever filipino food recipes your looking for and your comment is highly appreciated..