Pinakbet Recipe

Pinakbet recipe is a well known recipe in the philippines, it is originally Ilocano recipe that has become popular on entire Philippines, the main reason for pinakbet popularity is for being affordable for common filipino, availability of  ingredient in local lmarket and off course the nutrients it offer. Everybody has their own system for cooking pinakbet and I have my own system for preparing this filipino vegetable recipe too.


·        1 cup liempo cut into cubes
·        2 tbsp cooking oil
·        1 pc onion, chopped
·        4 cloves garlic, chopped
·        1 pc. tomato, chopped
·        3 tbsp bagoong alamang
·        1 pc. ampalaya (bitter melons) cut into small pieces
·        3 pcs. eggplant cut into small pieces
·        5 pcs. okra cut into small pieces
·        ¼ k squash sliced into bite size pieces
·        1 cup sitaw or string beans
·        1 cup water
·        Salt to taste
·        Vetsin or Monosodium glutamate

Ways of cooking Pinakbet Recipe:

1.   In a fan, boil liempo in a very small amount of water.  Let it simmer until the water is   
      completely drain.  Remove from the fan and set aside.
2.   Add cooking oil in a casserole, sauté garlic, onion and tomato. 
3.   If the tomato is tender, add liempo let the excess oil comes out of the pork then add the      
      bagoong.  Cook until it turns to brown.
4.   Add water, ampalaya, sitaw, squash, eggplant, and okra. 
5.   Add vetsin, taste add salt if needed, then let it simmer until the vegetable is tender.
6.   Do not over cooked  the vegetables. 
7.   Serve newly cooked pinakbet recipe with hot steamy white rice.