Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Lumpiang Shanghai recipe is also one of the best filipino recipe to prepare as a meal and during special occasions.  It is easy to prepare and nutritious because it has pork and vegetable ingredients.  We all know that pork is rich in protein while carrots has an excellence source of beta-carotene. Children like mine will surely love this Lumpiang Shanghai or Pork Spring rolls. Here is my way of cooking delicious and crispy, lumpiang shanghai. 

Ingredients for Lumpia Shanghai:
·        ½  k ground pork
·        3 pcs. medium size onion, finely chopped
·        2 pcs. carrots, grated
·        Kintsay (Chinese Celery), finely chopped
·        1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
·        Ground pepper
·        Salt to taste
·        Vetsin (Monosodium glutamate)
·        2 cups cooking oil
·         Lumpia wrappers (Spring roll wrappers)

Proocedure of Cooking for Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe:
1.   In a bowl, put  ground pork, chopped onion, garlic, kintsay, carrots, ground pepper, salt, and       
      vetsin.  Mix very well.  Set aside.
2.   Get the Lumpia wrapper and separate.
3.   Get a plate and lay one lumpia wrapper then put 1 tablespoonful of the filling. 

4.  Take the bottom and top edge of the wrapper then fold them towards the center.  Fold both sides and
      roll. Roll as tightly as you can.  Moisten the last edge of the wrapper with water to seal it.    

5.   Repeat the procedure until all the wrappers are filled.  

6.  Pre heat the frying fan, add cooking oil then fry the lumpia roll until golden brown. Remove from the  
     fan and place in a plate with tissue paper to drain the excess oil.

.  Serve lumpia shanghai  with catsup or sweet and sour  sauce along with hot steamy rice.

Best served with catsup or sweet chillie sauce


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