Sinigang na Ulo ng Isda

A restaurant without a name, an article that i've read about a popular restaurant in Visayas avenue in Quezon city. Between 11 am to 2:00 pm, you could hardly find a paking space along the alley as a lots of people goes to the place to dine with their famous recipe, sinigang na ulo ng isda. They usually use big fish head to prepare their specialty recipe sinigang na ulo. Their restaurant is worth visiting for as their food is really affordable and very delicious too. Aside from their special sinigang recipe you could also find there other filipino food that worth trying for, i usually order adobong bihod (Fish egg cook in adobo). I tried to copy the way they prepare and i think base on the ingredient and the taste of their recipe, here's how they prepare it.


2-3 fish head (maya or malasigue) or any deep sea big fish head
1/4 kg kalamansi, juiced
kangkong 1 bundle, separate leaves from the stalk
1 medium size raddish, skinned and slice diagonally
1 tomato, sliced
puso ng saging, 1 cup
1 bundle stringbean, cut into 1"
vetsin (optional)

How to Cook:

In a big casserole, bring to 1 litre of water along with tomato, upon boiling add fish head and simmer for 5 minute, add radish, stringbean, and banana bud. Simmer for another minute until vegetable is half cook, them add kangkong leaves, salt to taste, vetsin, and calamansi juice. Served sinigang na ulo-ulo along with newly cooked stem rice with patis, sili and calamansi.. Enjoy..

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