Beef Stir Fry on Steam Brocolli

I just read that steam broccoli is really good for peoples especially for cancer, I also read that the best way to brocolli is by steaming for 3-4 minute to keep the nutrients and enzyme that fight cancer. Here is a recipe that every body will surely love, it is so easy to prepare and very nutritious. Beef stir fry with steam brocolli recipe.


350 gram brocolli, remove from the stalk
250 gram beef, slice thinly
2 tbsp oyster sauce or worceshire sauce
1 onion
spring onion
cooking oil
salt to taste
vetsin (optional)
1/4 cup o0f water with 3 tbsp cornstarch for thickening

Procedure for Cooking:

In a skillet with cooking oil, stir fry beef for 2-3 minute, set aside. Steam broccoli using a steamer for 4 minute, then blanch steam brocolli in cold water to retain its fresh color. Mix together brocolli and stir fry beef,   Use excess cooking oil from stir frying to sautee onion, add water and worceshire sauce, bring to boil then add salt and vetsin. Thickened with slurry, pour thick sauce over beef and brocolli, served beef stir fry with steam brocolli sprinkle springonion at the top.