Spicy Dilis

Spicy dilis (anchovy) is a popular food or appetizer in Philippines. It is usually sold on the street along with different kind of nuts. Here how to prepare this popular Filipino appetizer Spicy dilis.

Ingredient For Sweet and Spicy Dilis Recipe:

1 kg dilis (anchovy)
3/4 cup of cornstarch
1/4 tbsp iodized salt
3-4 pcs siling labuyo, cut thimly
Brown sugar ( 3/4 cup)
Cooking oil

  1. Wash dilis. Strain well and place in a bilao.
  2. Sun dry dilis for 2 to 3 days. When dry, put in a bowl. Set aside.
  3. Make the spicy mixture which will serve as coating for the dilis: Beat egg in a mixing bowl. Add brown sugar, siling labuyo and salt. Mix well. Add cornstarch.
  4. When thoroughly mixed, add dried dilis to the spicy mixture. Make sure the dilis are evenly coated. Set aside.
  5. In a pan, heat cooking oil for 2 to 3 minutes. When hot, deep fry dilis until crispy.
  6. Remove dilis after 1 minute or when golden brown. Strain.
  7. Transfer dilis, in a big strainer lined with paper towel to remove excess oil. Let cool.
Procedure for Preparation:

Wash dilis and drain completely, put in a tray and sundry for 3-4 days, when dry put in a bowl and set aside. Prepare spicy coating mixture by beating egg and adding other ingredient (sugar, siling labuyo, cornstarch, salt). When the mixture combine thoroughly, add dilis with the mixture to cover dilis completely. In a heated pan, add cooking for few minute, then fry dilis one by one until both side turn into golden brown. Placed fry sweet and spicy dilis in a platter with a tissue to absorve excess oil. Served with spicy vinegar as a dipping, enjoy.