Cuchinta (Pinoy Dainties)

Cuchinta or kutchinta is a popular traditional dainties recipes in Phillipines, it is a jelly like sticky round brownish desset that are usually consume for mid day snack, traditionally cuchinta is always offered along with other kakanin such as puto, kalamay, sapin sapin, and usually served with tea as a drink. While Filipino's preference for food has greatly change through the time, cuchinta has remain as one of the favorite especially for average Filipino espevcially for those that lives in rural area. In  Metro Manila, it is usually sell on local market or food establishment  that especialize with pinoy kakanin.

Ingredient forKutchinta Filipino Recipe

2 cup rice flour
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1 1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tsp lye water
2 cups of water
Grated coconut
Peanut butter or Yema 

How to Prepare CuchintaRecipe

Bring to boil water in a steamer , in mixing bowl blend all of the ingredient except fpr coconut, peanut butter and yema. Mix thoroughly until it is smooth, transfer carefully to muffins molds and steam for 15 minute. Served cuchinta with grated coconut or spread with peanut butter or yema, enjoy...