Simple Pinoy Recipe Omelet

Many people love to prepare omelet, some are seems too complicated and people are intimidated to prepare. But omelet is so quick to prepare with simple ingredient that can be always prepare fo day to day breakfast or for mid-day snacks for bun filling. Try this simple omelet recipe (Filipino style recipe) and start loving it.

Ingredient For Cooking  :

3 pcs of fresh egg
2 medium size potato, peeled and wash (cut into cubes or strips)
salt, +- 1/10th tbsp

Direction For Cooking:

Beat egg  with salt and vetsin, set aside. Heat butter in a pan, then fry potato. Mix potato with beaten egg, then add a scoop of mixture in pan with butter. Cook until egg solidify and form just like pancake, turn on opposite side to cook. This simple omelet recipe is usually served for breakfast with fried rice or pandesal (Filipino bun) with hot coffee, enjoy..