Can You Make Money With a Blog

Can you make money with a blog? If you are asking me this question i will assure you that there is a lot of people making a lots of money with a blog. I knew a lot of people from different part of the world that decided to stop their day time work to work full time in the internet. But majority of people that decided to work online has failed to make money online, in my own experience I think the primary reason people fail from making money with a blog is due to limited knowledge in starting a web business, people did'nt have any idea how to begin with. If you want to try making money with a blog creating a blogger account is highly recommendable for the reason that it is free, secondly on my own opinion it is beginner friendly because of the simplicity of the design. Since Blogger is own by google it can be easily integrated with adsense which is also own by google and of course with amazon associates, from adsense alone can give you a extra income from blogging. Adsense will show different adds base from the keyword that being use in your blog, Adsense pay for every click generated from your blog, of course aside from adsense there still a lot of making money opportunities such as affiliate marketer, network marketer and a lots more.
If you want to be successful to make money online, you have to learn different traffic technique to gather targeted visitor going to your blog. The best technique is SEO because it is highly targeted and organic traffic so it is FREE, you can also gather some traffic through article marketing, blog commenting, bookmarking, link exchange and a lots more. Internet making can be a pofitable business if done and implemented properly as it offers a huge and residual opportunity, if you are going to ask me if can you make money with a blog, of course there is a chance as lots of people are making money out of it as everthing will depend on your dedication, perserverance, and willingness to learn and apply the best technique that you can be discover.