Palitaw is a popular sweet flat glutinous rice cake in the Philippines, you could always find palitaw in different local market not only in the province but also in Metro Manila, It is always offer along with other filipino delicacies such as suman, puto, kotchinta and other kind of Filipino kakanin. Heres how to prepare this filipino traditional native delicacies...

Palitaw Recipe Ingredient

  • Powderized glutinous rice flour, 2 cups
  • white sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup grated coconut

Palitaw Direction of Cooking

  • In a mixing bowl, combine glutinous rice with water, mix to formed a dough
  • Scoop 2 tbsp of dough and mold into ball, press by using both palm to flattened
  • Bring to boil  1 litre of water
  • Individually cook flattened dough in boiling water, wait for the dough to float
  • Repeat same procedure until everything is done
  • Cover cooked palitaw with sugar and grated coconut
  • Served palitaw while it is still hot along with tea, coffee or softdrink