How a Blog Can Give You an Extra Income

Creating a blog could be financial rewarding if done wisely as there are a lots of money making opportunity with a blog if it has a tremendous amount of money. With this opportunity you dont have to spend a much of money to start as there is a lot of free blogging flat form available in the internet. Blogger is one of those that not only give free domain name but also hosting. Blogger is easy to control and can be easily acquainted with. Start a blog that are with your interest, in my case as a mother my hobbie is cooking so I decide to make about filipino recipe, I also started a blog about tourist spot in Philippines because I always believe that Philippines has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism and off course my new blog about how to make money in the internet that tackles differentlegitimate  money opportunity in the web. I remember a friend of mine started a blog about Manny Pacquiao that really give him a tremendous`earning and a blog that concern employment abroad . The method here is to learn to attract website visitor through search engine optimization, create a lots of backlink to increase your website credential to google and of course convince your prospect by giving them important information about your product and how a person can benefit from it. In this time of economic hardship I think it is wise to start new avenue of making money and blogging could be pofitable when done correctly