Leche Flan Recipe

Leche flan, a favorite filipino dessert recipe during special occasion especially during christmas, from the name itself it is very obvious that it is mainly an original spanish dessert in nature. This dessert has become so popular not only from the sweetness taste it offers but for the reason of easyness to prepare.For me, leche flan is not only a typical dessert during especial occasion as it becomes a part of growing up with a lots of special memories during those years, it brings back memories during those happy days along with our close relatives when we celebrate together christmas. Anyway here is my procedure for preparing my ever favorite leche flan recipe.

Leche flan Ingredients:

1 3/4 cup of evaporared milk
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup egg yolks
1 tbsp caramel syrup
1 tbsp vanilla

Leche Flan recipe Procedure for Preparation

  • In a non sticky pan, mix together sugar & water. Bring to oil until it caramelizes.
  • Pour and spread melted caramel syrup in oval mould, set aside.
  • Mix sugar and egg yolks in a bowl, stir gently but don't beat to have a smooth consistency.
  • Add milk and continously mixing.
  • Pour in mixture in a mold with caramel syrup, cover top with aluminum foil.
  • Steam using a steamer for 40-60 minute.
  • To served leche flan recipe, cool and place inverted on a platter.