Halabos na Hipon

Halabos na hipon, the most common method of cooking shrimpamong filipino. The process is just a pan fried shrimp recipe from its own juices, some like to add a little amount oil to fry but i prefer it just to boil in a small amount of soda to cook. Here is a quick recipe for shrimp.

Halabos na Hipon Recipe Ingredient:

1 kg of shrimp
1 cup of sprite or 7-up
1/2 tbsp of salt

 Halabos na Hipon Sauce:

1 cup of vinegar
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 whole onion,minced
1/2 tbsp of salt
3-4 pcs of red hot chilli, slice

* Mix all the ingredient to make sauce

Procedure of Cooking :

In a pot, wash fresh shrimp with water, drain using strainer to remove excess water, In a pot include the following ingredient, shrimp, sprite or 7-up, salt, cover and bring to boil to simmer, let it dry and let shrimp secretes its own juice. While constantly stirring wait until the sauce dries completely. Transfer cook prawns recipe to a platter and served newly cooked halabos na hipon along with sauce.