Ginataang Isda Recipe

Ginataang isda is another Bicolano recipe that captivates filipino from other region. It is a simple filipino recipe and easy to prepare. My process here is to paksiw the fish first then add coconut cream to cook ginataang isda recipe. I usually used tilapia or tulingan (remove the tail and scale) to cook and here is my method of cooking this original filipino recipe - Ginataang isda.


  • Tilapia or Tulingan  (skipjack tuna), scaled, remove tail and washed
  • Vinegar 1  cup
  • Ginger 75 gram
  • Patis 1/4 cup
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • Coconut cream  1 cup
  • Vetsin
  • salt to taste
  • Green siling haba
Procedure of Cooking

In a pot, cook fish from water, vinegar, patis, ginger and water. Boil and simmer and when the sauce is almost dry add coconut cream and siling haba. When the sauce is almost dry add salt to taste and vetsin. Served ginataang isda while it is hot with steamy white rice.