Pichi- Pichi Recipe

Pichi- pichi is a traditional filipino dessert recipe cook from grated cassava (kamoteng kahoy). It is a gelatin like in appearance top with grated coconut for extra flavour. It is a usuall dainties recipes for small entrepreneur selling kakanin, along with cuchinta and puto. In Nueva ecija they usually serves pichi pichi for mid-day meal along with hot tea or coffee. Here's how to prepare pichi pichi for merienda.


2 cup sugar
4 cups, grated cassava
4 cups water
1 tsp buko pandan flavoring
1 tsp lye water

Procedure for Cooking :

In a clean mixing bowl, mix together water, sugar, cassava thoroughly. Add lye while continously mixing, and pour buko pandan flavoring while continously stirring to even ingredient. Pour mixture in individual molds to form, arrange carefully and steam using steamer for 40 - 60 minute or until the mixture form into gel. Sprinlkle pichi-pichi with grated coconut and best served with hot tea. enjoy...