Breaded Chicken Fillet Recipe

Breaded chicken recipe now become a favorite recipe among Filipino's, I just noticed that for the last 6 months breaded chicken has become a popular street food as there are lots of people that sells fried breaded chicken on almost every street corner. Breaded chicken Fillet recipes an all time favorite recipe especially for my kids,  I always prepare this recipe for my kids school lunch, not only for the reason of simplicity of preparation but for the reason of its taste that my taste loves so much.

Ingredient For Chicken Fillet Recipe:

1 kg Chicken drumstick, wash and drain water using strainer
1/2 cup of patis (fish sauce)
10 pcs calamansi (big), juiced
2 beaten egg
1/4 tsp ground peppercorn
Cooking oil

Procedure for Cooking Breaded Chicken Recipe:

In a mixing bowl, mix together fish sauce and calamansi juice, marinate chicken overnight. Mash chicken with marinate time to time to absorve mixture. In a separate bowl mix cornstarch with ground peppercorn. Add salt to egg and beat, dip marinated chicken, then cover chicken with cornstarch with ground peppercorn, lastly roll chicken to cover with breadcrumbs. Deep fry until it turns to golden brown. Served breaded chicken fillet recipe with catsup or sweet chilli sauce along with hot steamy rice. Share and enjoy..