Banana Que

Banana que , a Filipino favorite midmeal snacks. On this time of proliferation of different snack foods from all over the world, banana que has become a day to day house hold merienda for the reason of its availabilty and affordability. You could always find banana que and other filipino merienda  in every corner or sari sari store during merienda time. This recipe is easy to prepare and here is my method for preparing this popular filipino merienda.

Banana Que Recipe Ingredient:

10 pcs saging na saba
Brown sugar
Cooking oil
Bamboo stick

How to Cook Banana Que:

Heat frying pan, then add peel (banana) saging na saba and fry until it colors turn slightly to brown. Sprinkle  brown sugar directly on saging na saba and cook until sugar start to melt and caramelized to cover saging na saba.  Turn saging na saba to assure even cooking. Served newly banana que skewered using bamboo stick along with your favorite beverages or hot tea / coffee. Enjoy