Tuna Sandwich Recipes with Egg

 School days just started and I have to prepare sandwich spread for my kids, I usually prepare Tuna sandwich and also chicken sandwich as an alternate for their school merienda. Tuna sandwich is easy to prepare and my kids love it so much for delicious taste. Aside from being delicious tuna sandwich is quite affordable, I usually used Bonus brand for mayonnaise that are available in all SM supermarket. You should try how i prepare Tuna sandwiches and i knew that your kid might like it for their school merienda.

Best Tuna Sandwich with Egg Recipes Ingredient:

3 small can of Century Tuna or San Marino Tuna, drain excess oil
4 cup of Mayonnaise
3 pcs hard boiled egg, slice and mash
1 cup grated cheese
Slice Tomato
Cucumber, slice

Tuna Sandwich Preparation:

In a mixing bowl, mix thoroughly Tuna flake, mayonnaise, hard boiled egg, and grated chesse. Transfer in a clean bottle or tupperware. Cover and refrigerate. Spread tuna sandwich recipe in between pan bread (Tasty bread), don't forget to add slice of tomato and cucumber. Enjoy........

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