Lechon Baboy

Lechon baboy is a popular pork recipe in several places in the world, it is commonly prepare in Spain and its former colonized country such as the Philippines. Lechon has become a part of our culture and tradition and any Filipino festivities or gathering can not be considered extravant without lechon on the table. Lechon is a whole roast pig skewer in bamboo pole and cook several hour in a charcoal by turning slowly bamboo pole into rotiserrie movement to cook evenly lechon. The best size for pig to lechon is between 15-20 kg, it is usually 2 - 2 1/2 months old pig. There are a lots of well known lechon houses in Philippines and among them is Mang Tomas and Lydia's Lechon. Cebu is also known for their lechon and I've heard that their lechon is tasty enough that it doesn't require lechon sauce. Lechon de leche or suckling pig lechon is also popular not to mention lechon baka that being popularized by Bonanza restauant. Here is our method when roasting lechon baboy.

How to Prepare Lechon Baboy

1 whole pig, clean thorugly especially inside the abdomen by washing with running water to remove blood, Keep pigs liver for sauce and  blanch inside the abdomen with boil water, and stuff the cavity with tamarind leaves sprout, salt, vetsin, ground peppercorn, ginger, garlic and tanglad (lemon grass). Sewn abdomen with GI wire to enclose filling.Insert bamboo pole in pig mouth all through it ass. Make sure that pig body is well secure in bamboo pole by tieing tightly pig feet by nailing pigs snout  and also before tail preventing pigs body from any movement while turning. Keep it of upright position for several hour to drain water and blood inside abdomen cavity. Roast lechon on a charcoal within the perimeter on 1 feet distance for 4-6 hours depending on pigs size, In a mixing bowl, mix together 1 cup molasses in a cup of cooking, add vetsin ground pepper corn and brush in pig skin from time to time while turning the pole continously and keep the charcoal balance to cook lechon evenly preventing blister on some spot. Served newly pork lechon along with lechon liver sauce... Enjoy